Monday, February 14, 2011

Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine's Day!  This day has different meaning for different people.  Just like all of the "occasions" I suppose....milestone events are monumental for some,  hard for some, others it doesn't really apply to, and for the retailers - it's a gold mine!  The day after Christmas it begins for the Lovers of the world.  Decorations, chocolates, cards, jewellery, toys and name it - anything can be sold/bought in the name of Cupid.
What every happened to the innocent "will you be mine?", an opportunity for lovers or potential lovers to declare their intentions.....for children to pay attention (probably for the first time) that there might be someone out there that has a "crush" on them......
I guess it goes back to what I said in an early blog - anything in moderation.
My dear son was a wreck this morning - last night too.  He was filling out his Valentine's for his classmates - carefully choosing them for each girl.  He was insistent on having "boy" Valentine's- he didn't want any of those girls to think that he "likes" them.  Spider-man all around. So this morning, he was packed and ready for the bus.  I wished him a Happy Valentine's Day - and he put his head down.  "ugh, great, now I have to spend the day running away from all of the girls trying to kiss me.  Why do they have this day anyway?" HE is not a fan of St. Valentine - yet - he's 8.
I'm sure there have been a lot of people in a panic over the impending DAY. Those embarking on a new relationship being forced to say the "L" word before they are ready.  Those who are happily single having to defend their choice to be.  Those who are un-happily single searching for a date - not wanting to be the wallflower.  Those who have a more than one Valentine - well - that's a blog for another day.....
I like Valentine's Day; probably because I love my Valentine.  BUT I think everyday should be Valentine's Day.  Why wait for that one day of the year to treat the one you care for?  Tell them everyday that they are loved and appreciated.  If it IS true love; the simplest gestures will do.....all of the fanfare is for the merchants - they are looking to SCORE - and they really don't care if you do.

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