Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What the heck is Zumba?

I met Zumba a couple of weeks ago....on my quest for a better me.  I often thought about going to a Zumba class, but truly didn't know what the heck it was and made every excuse in the book not to go.  When I finally made the decision to self improve - I got my lazy arse to the local school for class.  I walked in, silently intimidated by the thought of what was in store.  Looking around, I saw lots of women - 37 to be precise - all different ages, shapes and sizes.....I started to relax.  I filled out a bunch of forms, declared my great health and paid the five bucks.  We all lined up - just like we did for Jane Fonda type aerobics in the 80's.  The music started....it's so darn catchy that your body moves spontaneously - I swear.  Our teacher Sam, has got some rhythm.....hopefully she has a lot of faith in us....we need all the help we can get (well, I do anyway).  The first day was FUN.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I tripped over my feet, ran in,to my neighbours, lost my breath completely, sweated like a hog....and planned my next visit before I left.  I was hooked!!!
Two days later I made my next visit to Zumba - Fitness.  It was even more fantastic than the first time.  I knew some of the steps.  I had no idea I could move my mid-section that way, nor did I know that maybe, just maybe I might have a little rhythm.  So not only am I dropping inches and pounds I am gaining confidence.  I am falling in love!!! I thought I would be self-conscious - but there's no time to worry about that.  If you waste your time gawking at others you will never be able to keep up - so guaranteed - no one is watching you!
I went back a few more times - I am now a regular.  I love the dancing moves, the cardio work-out, the camaraderie, and the laughs.  So what is Zumba?  It's a hoot - it's what I need to fulfill a lot of my basic needs - fitness, fun, and friends.  Give it a go! Feel fit, relaxed and sexy!  You might even learn a few new dance moves to try out on your next hot date!

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