Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why would anyone want to be up at this time?

The question of the day from what I would presume to be a night hawk.  I am a morning dove.  I love mornings.  It is, in my humble opinion, the greatest time of day!  Everything is fresh....the COFFEE, the morning dew (or the dusting of snow as is the case today), the ideas, and the deposit in the cat box - yuck.  Maybe that part isn't so great....neither is morning breath...maybe I should breathe on the cat????
So, you get up in the early morning and the rest of the house is still asleep.  It is so relaxing to wake up to a home that has not yet been destroyed by the animals, the children, the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It is just how you left it....remember last night?????  Cleaning up everyone's messes in a near fit of rage???  Having had to work all day then come home to a completely desecrated home???  Do you remember?????  Ah, I don't - I am basking in the glory of the morning - the nice tidy home, all to my self; aromatic coffee warming my hands and lips. Shhhh....did you hear that?  Me too - the sound of silence.  The lovely sound of silence.  I never understood that for years; but now I get it.  And I love it!!!!
Then it begins...the pitter-patter of feet moving up the hall, then down the stairs.  The sleepy, yet refreshed children make their way down the stairs to be cuddled.  They are still warm from their slumber - the best hugs of the day.  Then they wake up - really wake up.  And so ends morning glory - the day has begun.  The messes are in progress, the coffee is cold, the toaster is burning bread, and the bus has gone by with the children still in the house.  CHAOS.....that is life......isn't it grand?  And that my dear friend is WHY someone would want to be up at this time of day - it's called therapy.


  1. Happy to be the cause of this lovely blog, but I still think mornings are for the birds.
    After a long day of blow dryers and shampoo sinks, sore knuckles from cutting myself one more time as the little darling turns his head as I'm about to close my sissors, and clients telling me their life stories for the last 8+ hours ( some of them really good mind) while you try to answer the problems of the world, there is nothing quite so blissful then going home and thinking 'I am so proud of the work I did today.'
    Going in to kiss my daughter goodnight, she's so sweet when she sleeps. I go down stars get changed and flake out on the couch or computer, with in an hour I have the house asleep and thats when I get that wonderful moment of ME.
    No one awake asking me for things, questions and problems needing answers, just me and what ever I wont to do for the rest of the night....
    Maybe I'll try the morning thing... maybe, but I'm not holding my breath.
    LOL love ya coz and love the blog

  2. Love you too! Glad you are enjoying them..... :)