Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do you have the job requirements?

As I am continually in search of the "perfect job" I regularly read the want-ads.  I am quickly approaching middle age and I am yet to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  I don't really want to grow up.
So, I was surfing through the ads the other day and came across yet another call-centre dream job. Whoever writes their ads has some sales talent.  They actually make it sound so inciting.  The always neglect to mention in their ads that they may encounter some arsehole like me who is unfairly rude to telemarketers...I don't really know why but they infuriate me.  That is another blog yet to come.....pauvre telemarketers....
SO....I read the ad.  They were looking for personnel to complete surveys about Canada.  The ONLY job requirement was....now get this....speak english....with NO ACCENT.  Seriously??? No accent??  Have they been to Canada in the past few hundred years???  We are notorious for our dialects!  You can skip across the country from one end to the other and encounter a different "accent" every twenty miles.  Good gawd...no accent....LMAO!  I remember one time years ago; I was 16.  I was in Montreal on a sporting trip.  I was separated from the pack and LOST.  I was wandering around on the verge of tears when I approached an intersection - there were people all over the place, but no one would make eye contact - no one.  I stood there; alone, scared, and confused.  One made eye contact - I jumped at the chance "hello" I said.  He chuckled "hmmm, Cape Breton or Miramichi?" I almost burst with joy!  "Miramichi, and I'm lost".  He helped my find my way back.  No accent my ass,  I'm proud of my accent.
So, if this company really wants to hire people with no accent, they should approach Rogers.  Rogers now has two robots working for them.  One male, One female.  They don't seem to have accents.

I think I know what the ad really meant.  But they can't really say what they really mean because you know that it's unacceptable.  I wonder how many applications came in?

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