Sunday, February 20, 2011

What would you do if...................?

So, I was on Facebook the other morning....surfing around, minding my own business - sort of.......when the chat-box popped up "what would you do if.......".  I looked a little closer and saw that it was a friend of a friend; someone I don't know that well.  Me being me....saw an opportunity to give my opinion....typed "if what".  She was hesitant to the end - it came out that she got her hair done the other day - color, cut, style - the whole shooting match - cost close to $100. The KICKER? The one who washed her hair had smelly pits - VERY smelly pits.
SERIOUSLY???  How does that happen?  These people are in the beauty business.....there's nothing beautiful about smelly arm pits!! YUCK.
I asked the necessary questions - Were you a walk-in and catch her coming back from the gym?  Did she look dirty in general? Do you know her?  Was there any indication that she may have bathed in the last day or two?
It turns out that it was a registered appointment, with a regular artist....and this has never happened before.  hmmm....tough call.  If it was ME - and I was getting my hair done and my nose was slammed into the offending pit whilst she scrubbed my mop - I would say something. I would likely say a lot. I just can't imagine that I would keep my mouth shut.....but I know that I am NOT like most people. 
So, here you are after the fact asking for advise.....this is what you need to to.....since you accepted the smelly service, and paid for the smelly service, BUT are bothered by this smelly service - you need to address it.  Either direct to the smelly offender - or to the manager of the establishment....otherwise someone else might fall victim to an armpit assault!
Whether you return to her is entirely up to you.  I would go back.  Just for dirt.  I would have to make sure that she knows that I know that she had smelly pits.  I would have to go back - just in case the smelly pits were done on purpose to get rid of me as a client - she's not getting rid of me that easily.....hmpf!
Good luck!  Next question please............

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  1. I'm sure a simple whisper of 'I think you forgot your deodorant this morning' would have been a good thing; for you, for her and for her upcoming customers.