Sunday, February 6, 2011

How much "Me time" do Mom's need?

It depends on the mom I suppose.  Mothers grace the earth in all shapes and sizes with various levels of "need".  Women today, in general, live a more indulgent life than the women of past generations.  The societal acceptance of the self-serving, self-indulgent way of life has paved the way for an epidemic of "me time".  Our mothers - back in the day were few of them worked outside of the home while the kids were being reared - had their "me time" while the kids were in school, or outside playing, or biking up the road to the ball game......They were different times.  You didn't have to have your kid strapped to your leg 24hrs a day.  Kids were given more freedom to roam, freedom to play, freedom to get dirty and rip their clothes. Women resolved to the fact that "their time" would come when the children left the nest. 
Today, there are different stresses in the child rearing department - there seems to be more predators, more abductors, more seems that kids need to be protected more - and as a result; they are underfoot more - in front of the TV, computer, or game systems - although they are occupied their muscles and adrenal glands are BORED.....with THAT we have rebellion, tantrums, and neediness - and in turn - the parental NEED for "me time".  It's a nasty circle that we have created.  This coupled with the crazy TV shows we've become addicted to - the reality shows about the poor little rich people - has taken the whole "keeping up with the Jones' " to a whole new level.  We WANT to have the pristine homes, great hair, manicured nails, perky boobs, and flashy car.  We WANT to entertain, vacation, and shop til we drop.  We WANT our kids to be quiet, well-dressed, smart, athletic and popular.  We WANT it all!!!!
What we NEED is to take a step back and take a look at what is being created.  We NEED to slow the heck down and enjoy each others company.  We NEED to play, to get dirty, and to have some old-fashioned wholesome FUN.  We NEED to accept ourselves for who we are; and stop trying to pretend we are all movie-stars.
Does this mean that we don't NEED or deserve "me time" - goodness no.  We still need to have our me time; but in moderation.  Anything - in moderation.  We have to work harder to LIVE our lives rather than hurrying along THROUGH our lives.  If we did this, we would need fewer "escapes" from reality. 
Thanks for the questions folks....keep them coming :)

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