Thursday, February 10, 2011

OMG you have big feet!

Seriously?  What compels people to say stuff like that?  I felt like saying OMG you are ugly; but I’m sure he already knew that and didn’t need me to point out the obvious – like really, I’m sure he has a mirror and has gazed upon it for hours and hours over the course of his lifetime wonder why he looks the way he looks.  But part of me really, really, really wanted to say it…..just once – to let him feel that twinge of hurt, that sinking feeling, that knowledge that someone has pointed out a flaw.  I didn’t.  Man, sometimes I wish I wasn’t raised right.  Hmmmmmmmm………
So, yes I have big feet in comparison to some.  I don’t have giant feet.  My feet fit me.  I would look absolutely ridiculous with little feet – not to mention I would likely fall over.  I’m almost six feet tall – a good foundation is necessary to balance such a grand structure.  Now….if I had big man size 14 feet THEN I would accept your line – OMG you have big feet – but seeing that I have proportionately sized feet I find your comment to be rude, and uncalled for.
Guess what???  I have big shoulders too.  They too are proportionate to my frame.  BUT, they are big enough to allow such insults to come my way and reflect them back to you with a smile and a chuckle.  If you must insult to make yourself feel better, then fill-yer boots!  
It takes all kinds…………

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