Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How do you talk to someone that you love?

Well JB, this could be a very simple question or it could be a VERY complex question.  Simply put - just speak.  But I am quite sure this isn't the question at hand.  So, it depends then on the type of love you are talking about.  If you are speaking of a child - be gentle and kind, firm but fair. Of a parent - be honest, kind and respectful.  Of a lover - be patient, gentle, kind, respectful.  In speaking with all of those that we love we have to take care and be aware of our tones - these loves are to last for a life time - treat them like the treasure that that are.
Now, if you are talking about forbidden love.....well then that it just that....forbidden.  You should stay away from that stuff altogether. As tempting as it may be - it's nothing but trouble.  If you are talking about lost loves - well - that's a tough one to.  If you attempt to talk to much you might find yourself be labelled as a stalker.  Maybe just one attempt and accept the cards were they fall.  A love that has passed on.....well - that's really not my forte - but they do sell Ouija boards at Wally-world.
I guess in the end it comes down to the question - What is love?  And THAT I will NOT answer.  Can you imagine the fame, fortune and fanfare that I would have to deal with if I answered that.  I have the answers - just not ready to be rich and famous.  The next thing you know - Oprah will be knocking on my door offering me my own show.  Seriously....I don't want to move to Chicago.  I don't want to move anywhere.  AND, once I tell everyone all there is to know about love....they will figure out that I understand WOMEN!!!!  Can you just imagine where THAT will take me??????  Jeeze, they will be lined up for miles trying to get that information out of me.  People have been trying to to figure out these answers for centuries......maybe some other time.....
Follow you heart......and be honest with yourself......ciao!

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