Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's that?

What's what?  That stick....the one sticking out of the side of the steering wheel thingie.....
That, my dear, is wonderful piece of machinery that you move up or down - it activates the signal light.  "What's that?".  Well, the signal light....there are at least four of them on a vehicle.  On the left and right side - both in the front and back of a vehicle.  Some newer vehicles even have signal lights on the mirrors of each side.  "How does it work?".  Well, if you push it down; the other drivers and pedestrians will know that you are going to make a left turn, because all of the left side signal lights will blink.  And if you push it up - then all of the lights on the right side will blink.
As I am cut off by some dork who turns left across the lane without signalling - I explain to my children that it is against the law to turn without properly signalling.  I start to turn red as I further explain that there are way to many dim witted people on the road who have been awarded their drivers licences by purchasing Cracker Jacks at the right location.  Further to that, these no good for nothing careless drivers are a menace to society, and that should I ever become a cop I will lock every last one of them up!!!! But I digress, perhaps the driver was not dim witted.  Maybe, just maybe the driver was too busy to signal properly.  Like really, it's hard to drink a coffee, and text, AND signal....SOMETHING has to give.  And really, why signal?  Everyone always turns left off of that street, no one ever goes straight, or turns really, it's a waste of time to signal.  Yes, a waste of time!  MY I am furious!  My face is as red as my hair.  I have to turn the damn air-conditioning on because my boiling blood is heating up the truck.  I should have wouldn't have been my fault...would it? eh, would it?????  hmmmmmmmmmmmm......I have nothing nice to say now.  I was taught that if you had nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. .......................................

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