Sunday, February 27, 2011

That enough snow for ya?

YA THINK???????????? 
We are definitely a weird species.  Flitting around here from season to season.....wishing for it to "hurry up and get here" only to turn right around wishing for "this no good for nothing and useless season" to end.  You can't deny it.....we have all done it! 
Just think back to last July - when it was ridiculously hot, so hot that the air conditioner just didn't cut you remember what you were thinking????  Yes, you were thinking- wishing how long until the fall comes along?!  Won't be long until the cooler weather gives us some relief....yup...YOU did it....YOU wished that glorious heat ALL your fault!  It wasn't then that you wished all this darn snow upon us.....but it was the beginning of the end.  With your wish being fulfilled - the heat ended.  The fall arrived - no bugs, beautiful colors, a lovely crisp breeze - perfect really. started wishing again.  Wishing for just a little bit of snow.  Wishing to improve your mood and spirits with a light dusting of snow.  Look at what you started then...just look....look out the window - down the street - look everywhere....YOUR light dusting has turned into a monster.  All of those wishes for "just a little bit more" has turned into THIS.  I bet you don't think it so pretty and "spiritual" now do ya???? 
I just hope you are putting in your wishes for an end to this snowy abyss.  Surely you feel bad for what you have should.  Did no one ever tell you - "be careful of what you wish for"
oh, and by the way....they (who ever THEY are) are forecasting for another 20-25cm tomorrow.  Yeah.  Thanks.

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