Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling the burn....

As a continuation of my last blog...I took on Day 2 of my Wii Zumba party.  Whew!  One hour and 7 minutes of insanity!!!  I burned 1104 calories and LOVED it.  I didn't love it while I was doing it.  I thought I was going to vomit at around the 43 minute mark.  That avatar was kicking my ass and she knew it.  But what a great feeling when I finished.  With legs like noodles and sweat falling off me like water off an overwatered plant....I planned the next event.

I am part of a "Loser" competition with my co-workers.  There are 38 of us competing for the title of "Loser"...and the competition is quite fierce.  Most of us eat together during the lunch hour, which is nice; I am able to see what the competition is up to, and of course offer them some nice cream filled dainties or frozen cream snacks at the end of their salads.  Some call me a saboteur, whatever, I call it GAME PLAY.

Regardless of my antics, I am fascinated with people's diets/regimes/plans.  Mine isn't all that exciting - eat less and move more.  I have seen "the cabbage soup diet", weight watchers, no flour/no sugar, those fat burning pills, high protein/low carb and the list goes on.  They have more will power than I.
I have tried a few of those plans in the past.  The worked, but had no longevity.  I needed to make a lifesytle change, something that will last forever.

So, as part of my "moving" program I have incorporated a couple of more things into my week.  I'd like to do Zumba ALL of the time - but I am sure to sicken myself of it before too long.  I use the T-Zone machine - it's pretty cool to do....I would imagine that it's not very cool to watch.....ME standing on the machine shaking at about 90kms/hr....there's not a whole lotta control for the body parts that aren't taut and toned....if you catch my drift.

And my other new activity is the laundry-steeplechase-marathon.  Rather than plunking all of the laundry into a big basket and hauling it up the stairs to the respective rooms....I take two or three atricles at a time - run them up the stairs, put them away and run back down.   Given that the house is a vertible laundry factory, the marathon aspect holds true.

Well, all that being said - I'm about a week and half in - and down 6lbs.  Ahh....still in the honeymoon phase....let's see what next week will bring :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WHAT???? I'm Fat??????????

So.  New Year's day has come and gone but people are still buzzing about RESOLUTIONS.  Barf.  I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions.  One should be able to resolve whenever they want to or need to.  As it turns out.....this year I NEED to make a resolution or two NOW. 

I weighed myself.  Not cool.  So I went on this cool website, plugged in my height, weight, age blah blah blah....THEY told me that I am OBESE.  Not overweight, not pleasantly plump, not ideal....but OBESE.  Screw them, must be a sham.  So I went to another site.   NOPE.  Not a sham.  The other site was just as rude.  Man, the truth hurts. 

So, I AM FAT.  I don't think I am fat.  I think I'm quite HOT.  BUT, the scales don't lie.  And apparently, neither do these evil calculating websites.  This is it.  I weigh....A goal weight is about 50lbs less than A LOT.  I have a plan.  It will work.  Over the course of the next few months I will be blogging on my journey to my ideal weight.  Anyone care to join me?

For Christmas, I requested from Santa (knowing that I was not naughty and would get what I asked for) a copy of Zumba for the Wii.  Yesterday I fired it up.  I created my profile - put on the belt - moved some furniture - and DANCED!  Thank God no one was watching.  I love dancing and I love Zumba, but seriously....I DO NOT have the moves like Jagger.  I shook my booty until it hurt.  A one hour dance off - just me and the Wii.  I burned 994 calories.  NOT BAD.  I think I can get used to this.

This morning, I am sore.  Yesterday's 994 calorie burn hurts.  But alas, I have made the pledge to improve and gosh-darnit-all I WILL do it.  I will be dancing again today.  Tomorrow I will be shaking up a storm on the T-zone. 

I have resolved to lose weight before and I didn't do it.  I have been hovering around the same weight for years.  I am content.  THAT is the problem.  I'm getting older, and NOW is the time to make the changes. 

I have admitted that I have a problem.  I am taking steps to improve on the situation - for me and for my loved ones.  Day 2 - I am coming for you.  LOOK OUT!!!

I will post in a week - let you know how I'm making out.