Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What if?

What if what?
What if I win the lotto?  Lots of great things will happen - I will be rich!  People will line up for miles trying to be my friend.  Charities will be setting up shop in my front yard...which will be under construction...and I won't be home; I will be vacationing somewhere far, far away.  But that won't happen - I don't play the lotto.
What if the world ends in 2012 like everyone is yapping about? Well, what do you say to that?  If the world is ended, then well.....that's IT!  Not much can be done at that point.
What if ..... there are a lot of what ifs....there are the negative "what ifs".  If you spent your time worrying about the "what if" of each and every decision there is to make you would be paralyzed with fear.  It is what it is....and if the "what if" happens then it has happened;  and your path will have to be adjusted.
And there are the positive "what ifs".  The positive ones are the neglected ones.  Here's a "what if" you can try on for size.....What if you lived your life to the fullest? What if you were honest with yourself?  What if you made the best of what you have? What if you made an effort to say or do at least one good thing everyday?
In the matter if you are a positive or a negative just IS - no matter what the "if" is.  And to quote my father "and....what if your aunt had balls?  She would be your uncle!!"

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