Sunday, January 23, 2011

You should have a blog.

So, last night, I posted another foolish status on Facebook.  Not because I am trying to be funny, but I will  admit I like the whole shock value of some of the stuff I put on there.  I get a little "rise" out of all of the  "likes" and the silly little comments.  Maybe I'm sick in the head.  Maybe I'm simple.  Maybe I have too much time on my hands ( I highly doubt that one). cousin-in-law Valarie suggested that I should have a blog.

A BLOG?????  What the heck is a BLOG?  I'm not that old and out of touch, I know that.....but a BLOG?  Sounds like such a, well I dunno, bodily function? Disease? a sound indicating loss of words? looked it up.  Didn't learn much. An online diary....but it's not....because a diary is a secret book.  Nothing is a secret on the web.  I'm not one for secrets anyway.  I speak my mind.  I say what others think.  I laugh at inappropriate times.  SO, still not really knowing what a BLOG is, I will use this forum to share ME.  My foolishness, my quirkiness, my sharp tongue, and my wit. 


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  1. kudos to you Tara, for doing this blog; I'm impressed, I'm laughing and gad, missing you too. You honesty and no-hold-em style to life is so refreshing and keeps the rest of us honest ;)
    well...sorta anyways! Kim