Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm a loser

As the title suggests...I am a loser!  Well, not officially yet, but will be soon.  My husband and I (with his business partner & lovely wife) just signed up for the local "Biggest Loser" competition.  So, I stepped on the scale for the second time of my adult life. It didn't break.
I just don't understand myself sometimes.  I am one of the most confident, outgoing, non-self-loathing person I know.  BUT I just could not bring myself to look at the scale.  I know I am not thin...I do own mirrors - several of them.  I know I am not as toned as I used to be - my "muffin tops" are more like uncooked dough boys.  I can't buy clothes in the "cute" section.  So really, who the hell am I trying to fool????  Myself??? Fawk - as if I don't know the truth....but quite obviously I can't handle the truth.  I am a loser.  A certifiable one methinks.

On another note, my dear friend's beloved cat died today.  He was 17.  Such a sad occasion.  But I did have a revelation of sorts as a result of this ordeal.  I wonder if the local undertakers have ever checked out the programs offered to families of the deceased for the final arrangements? My friend got the "deluxe" package. $50 - a private cremation and a lovely wooden box.  She could have gotten the "standard" package where the deceased of the week are "done up" together and the ashes distributed evenly.  I'm not saying that the undertakers should adopt such practices, but I think the vets might be on to something here.  Inexpensive, easy on the environment......just sayin...

Talk to you tomorrow....

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