Friday, January 28, 2011

It's not you, it's me.........

Since we are already on the subject of teenage dating.....
I was 'seeing' this guy for a few weeks.   We would go to hockey games, go for drives, hang out at the "hallow" and go sliding.  Typical kid things.  As I mentioned earlier, dating was an "issue" at best in our house.  I could never admit that I was actually dating someone, but I knew I had to hang onto this one for a while.  As it was, I was sure I was the only kid in junior high that hadn't been kissed.  I was bound and determined to get a kiss before moving on to Mount Olympus (aka High school).  Really???  Can you just imagine???  At 15 - this was a world ending issue.
So, it's about to happen. We had plans.  Nice, quiet, romantic, PLANS.  I knew it was going to happen.  I was finally going to get my first kiss.  I went over to his place. (or to the movies as my parents thought) We cuddled up on the sofa to watch a movie.  As we watched the movie, I was starting to panic.  The KISS was inevitable.  He moved toward me.  I stayed where I was.  He moved in closer.  I am panicking....Bad at this point.  He moves in a little's going to happen, we are almost at the point of no return.....I finally put my head up and turn it towards him.....we are moving in even closer when I notice IT.  A booger.  A BOOGER....a big green, round gross booger hanging off of the side of his left nostril.  I jump back; ready to barf...and say "I gotta go".  He is upset.  I am totally unable to tell the truth.  I apologize and tell him that I can't see him anymore.  He wants to know why.  I tell him "it's not you, it's me...." which was partially true. I ran all the way home.

He asked me for years why.....and until today I have never told him the truth....I wonder if he reads my Blog?

I did get my first kiss before high school.....the day before...the last day of summer vacation...whew! That was close.

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