Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have you ever been to one of "those" parties?

LMAO! Really?  I played coy at first....maybe she didn't know.  It is that time of year that people start hosting their "home" parties.  There's something for everyone out there - cleaning products, candles, home decor, smelly things, pretty things.....and THOSE things.  She was truely disgusted at the thought/idea of someone coming into her friends home with "EEEEKKKK" SEX toys!  She was appalled that her friend could do such a thing.  I am chomping at the bit to confess.....but I can't.....not yet.  She rants on and on about how she "would never be caught" at such a party - and then she says - really Tara, could you go to one of THOSE parties.....
I then EXPLODED!  I was grinning from ear to ear, giggling like a child when I said - I used to be a comsultant for THOSE parties.  And quite frankly, I LOVED it!  And part of me would like to get back into it.
She almost died.  I know her heart stopped a little... "open mouth - insert foot" LOL!!!!!  She stuttered and stammered, not knowing what to say.  I spoke.  I explained the TRUTH about THOSE parties.  The "toys" are part of the program - but they are not the main event.  The WOMAN is the main event.  Most come in to these parties out of curiosity.....or coersion from their buddies....
But once they get there and see the fellowship, the beauty products, the candles, the lingerie, and the toys.  They talk to others who also have the temptation to ALLOW themselves to be as sexy, beautiful, alluring, desirable, and satisfied......they FEEL....some of them FEEL for the first time in years if ever.....that they CAN be EVERYTHING they want to be.  That they can be a MOM, and be a Lover.  They learn that the toys and products aren't being sold to replace their lovers - but to enhance their relationships - buy improving communication and confidence.
THOSE parties may not be for everyone - but they certainly deserve an open mind.  And for the record - she will be attending the party - and I quote "REALLY? I had no idea!".  I'm sure she will have a blast!

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