Sunday, July 3, 2011

You asked….Why am I so pretty?

Prettiness is a matter of perception.  It’s defined as “pleasing to look at”.  So that being said, PRETTY to you may not be the same as PRETTY to me.  I think you are pretty. 
There are a number of factors that influence the admirer.  Personality and attitude being the key players of influence.  A good example of such is the song by the Nothern Pikes, that came out years ago – “She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way”……to the passers-by you may look down right gorgeous, but once they get to know the demon within – the true colors show.
Now, I am not saying that this is you. You are pretty inside and out.  :)
Genes also play a role in determining how one will look, but not always how you would think.  How many have you run across over the years that are UGLY but have beautiful parents…..or better still, the really good looking ones with um, not so pleasant looking parents….HOW does that happen??????? I wonder how many hundreds of thousands were spent over the years trying to figure that out......hmmmmm
Luck of the draw I guess.  Boy are we lucky!!!I guess that’s why we are drawn together….and that brings me to the next question – why can’t I stay away from TK?  It’s a well known fact that people are drawn to those who are pleasing to the eye…’s the Pied Piper effect….so it’s not your fault you can’t stay away from her – it’s a like a gravitational pull. Take a look around – most of the world leaders are fine looking.  People tend to believe in, trust, and value the opinions of the better looking.  Is it RIGHT?  Not really….but it is what it is….that’s what makes us human.
Don’t fight it – you will be happier that way.

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